Alyssa Martinez
Period 4

Endocrine system

.When the pituitary gland releases too much growth hormone, it can result in a very tall person.

.When the pituitary gland releases too little growth hormone, it can result in a very small person.

.Type 1 diabetes occurs when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin.

Male reproductive system

  • During puberty, the testes produce testosterone and sperm.
  • Injury to the testes can result in testicular cancer.
  • Hernia a sexually transmitted disease is when an internal organ pushes against or through a surrounding cavity wall.

Female Reproductive system

  • The three functions of the female reproductive system is to store egg cells, create offspring, and to give birth.
  • Once fertilized, the egg travels from the Fallopian tube to the uterus where it attaches to the wall of the uterus and begins to grow.
  • The embryo becomes a fetus in about eight weeks. In approximately nine months, the fetus is mature and ready to be born.


  • When the lining material, the unfertilized egg, and some blood flow out of the body.
  • Menstruation usually lasts from 5 to 7 days and happens about every 28 days.
  • During puberty, egg cells mature and are released by the ovaries in a process called ovulation.

Pregnancy and labor

  • obstetrician: doctor who specializes in the care of pregnant mothers and their fetus.
  • A normal or full term pregnancy lasts 9 full months or 40 weeks.
  • A pregnancy is broken down into 3 trimesters or period of 3 months and each is characterized by different physical changes and symptoms.


  • Each year, one-quarter of all new cases of sexually transmitted diseases appear among 15- to 19 year olds. STD's can be bacterial (cure) or a virus (no virus)
  • Most STD's are spread only through sexual contact.
  • Many STD's can be treated and cured, but early diagnosis is important.


  • One symptom that signals the onset of AIDS is the presence of opportunistic infections.
  • A person can be a carrier of HIV for ten years or more before starting to show symptoms of AIDS.
  • HIV is spread from person to person through contact with: sperm, fluid from the vagina, blood and breast milk.


  • Tips for practicing Abstinence: avoid being alone on a date, communicate your limits to a date, participate in group activities, and know how to respond to pressure.
  • The best way to avoid getting an STD is to abstain from sexual activity.
  • Learning the facts about STD's can help you make a commitment to practice abstinence.

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