Welcome To The Tropical Savanna!

Location: Australia

Go to Australia if you want to see the largest Savanna in the world. It is 9,935 miles from Alabama to Australia. The Tropical Savannas in Australia have little geographical activity. The Tropical Savanna in Australia has been around for millions of years. Most of the Tropical Savanna region is 500 meters above sea-level. In the Tropical Savanna region eroded mountains are a rare sight to see.

This is a Jackal Berry Tree. A Jackal Berry Tree is only found in Savannas. Many animals love the Jackal Berry Tree's fruit! When the fruit is ripe it turns purple. All the animals eat the fruit before it even gets ripe! Many leopards like to shade in this tree! It is very shady for these animals!

What is the weather of the tropical savanna? Well did you know that Australia is the 2nd driest place on earth? This means that savannas are very dry and don't get that much rainfall. May-October are the months when its cool. the best time to visit the tropical savanna would be while its dry. go around april or may.

A kangaroo in the tropical savanna

kangaroos eat plants, fruits and leaves and also the word kangaroo means( grey kangaroo). male kangaroos are called bucks, boomers or jacks and the female kangaroo is called doe and flyers. there are different kinds of kangaroo like the red kangaroo, the gray kangaroo, and the western gray kangaroo.

This plant is called Kangaroo Paws. This plant has other names such as Red and Green Kangaroo Paw or Mangles Kangaroo Paw. This plant has no scent! Its scentless! This plant is pretty muck known for its color. This plant has little hairs on it which makes it taste funny so animals don't eat this plant.

Zebras in the Tropical Savanna

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