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I have a ball problem...and I admit it

  • Breed: Labrador Retriever
  • Location: Bristolville, OH
  • Age: 3
  • Favorite Treat: food
  • Favorite Toy: Balls of all sizes
  • Favorite Game: Ball, Ball, Ball

Always been a retriever fan.  Grew up with a golden.  At the gas station talking to a friend of the family and he breeds AKC labs.  He had 2 pups for sale.  I dragged my husband at the time and we went and saw them.  A charcoal lab and a silver lab.  I fell in love with the charcoal because I like dark gray. Most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen.  She came home the next day at 7 weeks old.

She is a wonderful girl. She hasn't had any health issues. She was Embraced at 3 years old. She will listen, can walk off lead, will follow at my knee.

She loves balls. She is very persistent with ball playing.  

She attended puppy class and one obedience class, she had to fill in for her brother who was on the disabled list.

She was first in the house.  Then came her rambunctious younger brother, Cody the fawn doberman. Those 2 truly love each other and have an amazing bond. They will lay on each other and fight like brother and sister the next.  She welcomes the fosters into the house.  She currently has a permanent foster brother, Sargent the blue doberman at 10 years old.

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