Identity Theft

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is when someone uses your information without your consent. There are several ways to get your identity stolen, including:

  • credit card/ bank account
  • social security number
  • name/ address
  • medical insurance accounts

What can a thief do with my identity?

A thief can make purchases using your credit card. Which you would be responsible for the purchases. If you're not aware of the purchases being made, and you're not paying the bills it will cause you to have a bad credit score.

A new credit card could also be created under your name is a thief has access to your personal information. Along with any phone lines, gas/ electricity accounts, and they can get medical care using your identity.

Being aware of your accounts is important. You can stay up to date with all your information by: reading your bills, making phone calls to the bank, checking emails, and getting your credit report.

Avoid Identity Theft

Protect your personal information! Don't give your personal info to strangers or companies you don't know. Make sure to keep personal papers (including social security) hidden at home. Check your mail often, and don't make your passwords obvious. By following these tips you will reduce the risk of being harmed by identity theft.

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