5 Free Parcel Tracking Apps for Android Phones

All of the major players in the courier industry today – UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. – have equipped their services with Internet-based tracking features just so you’ll know where in the world is your package. But even if they are big companies, their onsite programs are still quite limited.

You can actually get faster, more detailed tracing of your package’s whereabouts through a third party. Try one of these 5 shipment tracking apps for your Android phones that you can download free of charge.

Package Buddy

Many users prefer this because of its simple and direct functions. It also has all the features you need to remain updated about your important packages – background notifications with refresh intervals at your preferred setting, barcode scanning, and sorting according to estimated time of arrival (ETA), among others. In addition, Package Buddy supports over 100 carriers, naturally including the bigger names like DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS.

You’ve got 2 ways to enter tracking numbers when using this app – one is by typing them in manually and another is by creating a Quick Response (QR) code. The only difference is that, in the latter option, you’ll enter the tracking number on the designated Package Buddy web page.

While this app is free of charge, it’s ad-supported. You can have the Pro version for USD 1.99 and get an ads-free app with an email forwarding service.

Get Package Buddy here.


Among all shipment tracking applications for Android phones, this one supports the most number of international courier companies – over 350 carriers operating in various parts of the world, not just in the USA and in the UK. So if you’ve got frequent international shipment, this is a good choice.

There are other significant reasons to like Packetracer. For one thing, it lets you scan your package labels so you don’t have to type in each tracking number. But you still can manually enter the numbers, if you wish to do so. Aside from this, it’s available for Blackberry and iOS, saving you the effort of finding another mobile app if your other mobile gadget is a Blackberry or an iPhone.

Many users do criticize a couple of things about this product, however. It does lack some visual flair and, more importantly, the user interface (UI) can be quite confusing. But its good selection of shipment tracking features and the long list of supported carriers more than cover those drawbacks mentioned.

Like the Package Buddy, Packetracer is free but ad-supported and requires about USD 2.00 to remove the ads.

Get Packetracer here.


This product is recommended by many for its convenience and functionality. All you need is to enter the tracking numbers of your packages, and you’ll be able to trace their locations in various ways. The options include the very useful background notifications with refresh intervals you can manage – a feature that some shipment tracking apps don’t have. You can also go to the website of your carrier if you’re looking for other exclusive details. Or you can also look at a Google Map to see the route your package is taking. And you don’t need to type again the tracking numbers of all your shipped items to do all these parcel-checking activities.

You just need to take note, though, that Parcels support only about over 30 of the more popular carriers. Also, some users wish that its UI will soon be made to look better. But if you’re using the major couriers in North America and in the UK and if you’re not that meticulous about design, then you’ll surely be satisfied with the usefulness of this particular app.

What’s more, Parcels is totally free – no fees and no ads.

Get Parcels here.

Shiprack Package Tracker

Shiprack boasts an extremely convenient way of setting up package tracking on your mobile. Simply send in all your notification emails, and you’ll receive the status of each shipment through the Shiprack application installed in your phone. Absolutely no manual entering of numbers required.

You can also trace the parcel’s route on the courier company site or on a Google Map. And you won’t have any problem if you need to use your iPhone to look after your package as Shiprack’s available for iOS too. For less than a dollar, you can get the application in its ads-free version.

Too bad that this app’s currently catering only to those who need to track shipment mainly in the USA and Canada. Very limited carriers are supported by Shiprack in the UK, Australia, and Asia.

Get Shiprack Package Tracker here.

Package Tracker Express

This is known by many users as the free edition of the much-loved Package Tracker Pro. So what should you expect with the Express?

As mentioned, you can get the Package Tracker Express without paying a cent. But it’s ad-sponsored and a fee of USD 1.99 will take you to the ads-free Pro version. It’s just the same as Package Buddy.

One great Pro function that you won’t get in Express is the package status change notification, which saves you from checking your phone from time to time until your shipment finally arrives. But you’ll still get the necessary features for you to efficiently receive info about the location of your package. After entering the tracking details, the app will let you know where it is and can even display its route map, if available.

Users of both Package Tracker versions, though, are hoping that the app can soon trace the shipment route of more carriers. Presently, it supports barely 40 courier companies, mostly in the USA.

Get Package Tracker Express here.

It definitely looks like nothing’s ever perfect – especially in the rapidly changing world of mobile apps. Each has its own strengths and areas for improvement. So how do you know which one’s best for you? Simply keep in mind what you need and see which app can best answer your requirements.