Who Am I?

My name is Acinetobacter. I am a bacteria. Many people don't like the way I look. I look like tiny little sponged oval balls. I know I have lots of them. My favorite color is red as you can see on the picture on top, I am red!

Daily Life Style

I like to go to people who have very little health. Open wounds are one of my favorites to go to. I live on the skin of my victims and survive in the environment for several days. I can die with people trying to treat me with some kind of treatments and I can say that it does work. I can get energy by picking up foreign DNA from its environment, as well as microbes. 

MY Mark On The World

That thing right there on top is one of my relatives. He is called a microbe. He almost does the same thing as me. Of course I'm better than him. I give people big wounds and I can also cause pneumonia.

Fun Facts

I like to harm people and make them sick. It makes me really happy for some reason. One of my favorite memories was when I killed a person in several days! It was the easiest one yet! I really don't like to hang out with other people. MY nickname is Iraqi-bacter. They call me that because I was born in iraq.


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