Caring For The Elderly In New York - The Major Issues

Just like the high demand for a New York nanny agency, there is an ever-increasing need for elderly care as well. Senior care refers to umbrella term encompassing services for frail elderly citizens. While they may together constitute only 5% of the overall population, they are the main users of available health care options. This includes inpatient admission in hospitals, hospices, care residential facilities, home care, and daycare for adults, nursing homes, or long-term care. With the beginning of the 21st century, the 65+ population is the largest growing in United States as the baby boom post-war generations now approach retirement.

Major afflictions dogging this population include the following,

  • Mobility loss
  • Intellect, memory impairment
  • Concentration inability
  • Impaired vision, hearing
  • Instability, incontinence

These problems ultimately lead to lost independence, social isolation, and depression. Major source of mortality and morbidity in elderly patients and the biggest reason for seeking geriatric medicine is sustained injuries due to falls. These can be due to both intrinsic as well as extrinsic factors.

  • A. Intrinsic factors: Parkinson's disease, stroke, inner ear disturbances, arthritis, neuropathy, impaired vision, medications, urinary infections, cognitive problems, and neuromuscular diseases.
  • B. Extrinsic factors: presence of defective footwear/clothing, poor lighting, stairs, rugs, absence of special equipments, and aids are some of the outside factors to cause fall.

The most common potential fallout of this is bone fracture and in people under the age of 65, it takes far longer to heal. Depression is another major villain, which can cause the elderly to go inside a shell and increase the chances of stroke and other problems that can lead to decreased mobility and debilitation. Patients or their relatives need to opt for New York senior care services in such situations. This can be a temporary or even long-term arrangement based upon the mental and physical condition of the elderly patient.

There are certain warning signs to look for, which will tell you whether your elderly relative requires extra help at changes in the existing circumstances.

  • Increased frequency of injuries, burns can be an indication of forgetfulness, impaired vision, and even alcohol abuse.
  • More number of automobile accidents in an erstwhile careful person also point towards geriatric disabilities.
  • Sudden loss in weight can be due to underlying, undetected medical issues.
  • Increased bouts of forgetfulness sets as failing to remember telephone numbers, names, important dates, and even forgotten meals are a cause for concern.

Whenever you find that the behaviors of an elderly person are in contradiction with their personal nature or something bizarre and out of the way, examine closely and finally seek medical help. In the modern busy life, we do not have the necessary time to spend sitting constantly by our aged parents and other regularly relatives. So most people hire care services in New York to do the needful.

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