The Great Soda Debate

Tanaja, Diamond, Sierra (Block 6)

In the United States six children is overweight and one out of three is at risk for begin overweight, This is a huge health issue. 180,000 deaths can be from unhealthy drinking. This is a public health issue in United States. People dying from these diseases. Soda contains a acid. This takes away your calcium which can cause bone suffering and cavities.

Ten reason soda can harm you in life

-Amounts of sugar reduces the production of the brain chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

You can get fat in weird places.

-Drinking soda is harmful to your teeth as well as drinking battery acid.

When you drink soda during 20 minutes your blood starts to spike the next 40 minutes your blood pressure gets higher.

-It affects your lungs, bones, heart, weight, digestive system, and brain.



Memory loss

-It leads up to obesity or diabetes

Increased your risks for diabetes

-Surprisingly not just sugar in the soda make you gain pounds, but diet sodas does too.

Sugar overload

-Diet or regular sodas all contain acid. Too much phosphoric acid can lead to kidney and heart problems and muscle loss. It also causes accelerated aging.

-Mountain Dew causes cavities by its excessive sugar levels. Brominated vegetable oil in Moutain Dew causes memory loss.

-A can of soda every day has an negative effect on every part of your body.

-Plastic soda bottles contain a toxic chemical inside of them called bisphenol.

Teeth can get damaged

-Soda can cause plaque to build up on your teeth. Which leads to cavities and gum diseases.

In our group we think soda should be limited. Just because something is bad doesn't mean it has to be banned. Some people want to hurt their bodies while other don't it's their bodies you can do whatever you want. We believe this because everyone can do whatever we want. If the United States wanted to ban soda then why not ban other sugary foods? Soda can hurt you in different type of ways that's why you should limited it.

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