Cindy . J     (gold)

Hello, everyone.

Do you know Corinth?

Corinth is a beautiful city in Greece! Athens is near with this city.

Corinth has a lot of festivals. I will introduce one fun festival now.In July, They have " Slugburger festival " which is really interesting.There's Eating Slugburger contest for adults, and children go on rides, slug idol talent contest and bands for everyone .       

   They are made from ground beef, flour, egg, and anything else that helps stretch out themeat supply during lean times.

Thet called this burger Slugburgers because in 1930s, a nickel was called a slug, and that's what a slugburger costs.

SO, Did you learn a wonderful festival in Corinth, mississippi ?                                                 If you want to join this Slugburger festival,

Come To City of Greece, Corinth in July 11,12,13th.

I wish everyone come to this festival even once and become  fan of Slugburger !!

Thank you~