Mia Z

7th-Grade English Portfolio

My Portfolio Reflection

1. I would describe my writing as dull. My sentences were very boring and not descriptive at all. I didn't use any similes or metaphors in them which is the main reason that they weren't interesting and you wouldn't want to finish reading my work.

2. My writing strengths would be being able to use descriptive language in my writing. I am now able to appeal to the reader and want them to keep reading.

3. Some writing skills that I do not but would like to have is to be able to write my thoughts. I always get caught in the way that I understand things and not in a way that everyone else would be able to see it.

4. I think that the writing that best captures my growth as a writer is my writing on Shakespeare sonnet 18. It shows when I started to be more descriptive in my writing. I was also able to show my thoughts on the subject in an organized way.

5. I think that the writing that I am most proud of would have to be my hero's journey essay. I am the most proud because it really shows how much I improved from the beginning of the year. I made my writing more interesting and improved on all of the things that I was hoping to improve on.


In sonnet 18, Shakespeare uses metaphor to show how it is universal. In this sonnet Shakespeare talks about how everyone has the same amount summers as everyone else. When Shakespeare is comparing his love to the summer he says “And summer’s lease hath all too short a date” (4). This is universal because everyone has been through summer before. With Shakespeare reminding us all of this it shows how any reader would know how long his love will be. The summer is to short and goes by to fast and his love will live on forever. Shakespeare knows how the summer is universal so that everyone will know how long his love will be for.


Not all hero’s live to have the perfect life. Ponyboy is a boy who lives a hard life and decides to go off with his friend Johnny into the unknown. They go through many hard times together but become heroes in the end. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is a monomyth because Ponyboy goes on a Heroes Journey.

Ponyboy experiences The Return to Everyday Life when he does the things that make him different from the rest of the group. When Ponyboy smashes his glass bottle and pointed it towards the socs to scare them off Two-Bit asked

“‘What in the world are you doing?” Two-Bit’s voice broke into my thoughts.

I looked up at him, “Picking up the glass’” (171-172.)

In the heroes Journey, The Return to Everyday Life is when the hero experiences something that helps him and makes him break through The barrier of unknown back into their familiar world. In The Outsiders, Ponyboy has always been different than the rest of his greaser gang. Ever since all of the traumatic things that have happened between the gang, everyone thought that a lot of things and people might change. No one wanted Ponyboy to change and they had thought that he was starting to get all tough. But once Ponyboy decided that he should do the right things and pick up all of the glass that he shattered everywhere, and no one else in the group would ever do something like that , they knew that Ponyboy had never really changed and will always be that gold.

Ponyboy experiences and goes through a journey and comes out a hero. When Johnny and Ponyboy decide to go off together they go on an adventure that leads them into the heros journey. In this story It shows that things are rough all over but everyone has a way to get through it.

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