American Dropout

a documentary by reel works teen

American drop out is a documentary about the problems that student face before and after dropping out of High School. While listening to this documentary, we have the chance to hear five students that dropped out of High School. They talk about their child hood experience in elementary school, and then we see the changes happen during Middle school and finally they give us the reason why they dropout in High School.

Without further ado, let's take a plunge inside these students’ universes. In their early education, one common characteristic came out; it was the feeling of security that they felt. The dropouts did not complain one bit about their experience in elementary school. They had good grades, good behavior and a good feeling about being in school. "It was the fact that one teacher followed them all day long that made them feel so comfortable." says Peter Dion, superintendent for the Bayshore public schools.

Then came Middle School. It's in Middle school that most kids start hitting puberty and become teenagers. The feeling of wanting to belong somewhere is all they think about. Most the teenagers we see in the documentary were born in New York and went to school there as well. Most of the interviewed kids went to public schools. The thing that they wanted the most was not to be part of the gang that got picked on. One of the dropouts even made small steps in the "blood" gang to avoid being bullied. Also, grades start the count and the feeling of getting repetitive bad grades gets overwhelming for the students. For one student in the documentary, depression started to kick in and the motivation to go to school got harder to find. The same dropout said that she only went to second period just for attendance.

Arriving in High School decides whether you will or will not stay in school. For those that dropped out, just like in the documentary, the main reason for dropping out was the lack of support. Parents do not get involved with the child, teachers to not hear them out and making relationships with "bad" friends incites them to drop out. From there on out, their situation escalates quickly from bad to worse. Alcoholism, drug abuse, violence and many other problems start taking control of their lives. But, this is not the end for them. There are alternatives to High School that can make their ending a little happier. Exalt is a system for those that could not complete their High School. The learning process is based on minimal groups so the students feel structured.

Simon Beaudry

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