Siege of Bexar


The Siege of Bexar happened in San Antonio


The Siege of Bexar happened October 12, 1835 – December 11, 1835


Anglo settlers had come from the USA to Texas, where land was cheap and plentiful, but they were under Mexican rule. Mexico at the time was in a state of chaos, having only won their independence from Spain not too long ago. Many of the settlers, mainly the new ones who were flooding into Texas daily, wanted independence in the USA. Fight broke out when rebellious Texiansopened fire on Mexian forces near the town of Gonzalez.


The Siege of Bexar took place because the Texans wanted Independence from Mexico and fired at the Mexican forces near the town of Gonzalez.

Texas Leader

The Texas Leader was Stephen F. Austin

Mexican Leader

The Mexican Leader was General Cos.


The outcome of the battle was that the Texans won the battle.


Texas casualties was thirty to thirty-five, while Mexican totaled about 150. Most of the Texas volunteers went home after the battle, which left San Antonio and all of Texas under their control.


The significance of the Siege of Bexar was because Texas wanted independence from Mexico so they started a Battle to win their independence from Mexico.

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