Texas Oil

By Chelsea Garcia

  • It all started with a man who had a hunch. His name was Paltillo Higgins. He believed that there was oil under Spindletop Hill, but after many failed attempts he decided to quit the business, but he still knew in his gut that there was something there. So he sent out flyer to hopefully catch the eye of a young man willing to continue and his work and sure enough it did. The man’s name was Anthony Lucas who was a mechanical and mining engineer, but again like Higgins he had many failed attempts. Then one day Anthony became one of the richest men in the America by hitting the largest reserve the world had ever seen.
  • 1. When the world heard about Spindletop they went crazy trying to find their way to Texas. Along with Spindletop there were booms and discoveries in towns including McCamey, Baston, Wink, and Barger
  • 1. Not only did people become richer there were also other social changes in Texas. Since there was so much oil the prices for it fell to 1.00 to .08 cents in 1931 so the U.S government had to set limits on production. In 1938 the prices soon increased to 1.10 cents. Texas also fell into a great depression.
  • 1. The oil boom also effected education in Texas. Some of them are that donations were given from successful businesspeople. Schools also received millions of dollars in oil profits including Texas University. GO LONGHORNS!!!!!
  • 1. You know may know that petroleum makes or helps to make oil, but did you know that it is used in items me and you use every day including
  • - Plastics
  • - Purses
  • - Tires
  • - Raincoats
  • - Sneakers
  • - Umbrellas
  • - Ink
  • - Rulers
  • - Eraser
  • - Cameras
  • And hers when it gets disgusting
  • - Sofa Pillows
  • - Jars
  • - Lunchboxes
  • - AND Toothpaste!!!
  • 1. If it wasn’t for Spindletop and all its glorious riches the effects we see today might have not been here. University’s such as Texas University would not be here today if it weren’t for the oil boom. Oil had a major impact on transportation and electric power in fact it was the source.

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