Inferences  of "Go Track a Yak" by Tony Johnston , Deshon Young

If you promise me my hearts desire.

Inference: She want something that she know she will get, She look hungary so she might want to eat the baby or parents.

Mama crooned to the baby while papa tracked a Yak

Inference: Papa was off to track a Yak. Mama was taking care of the baby while he was away. She had the baby tuck in on her.

Up a trail so high any steep that one false step would mean a big sleep

Inference: he would do anything for the baby. He is brave. He have to be careful not to fall of the steep trail

Inference: He finds a way to trap the Yak. I think he is going to kill the Yak. The rock is going to kill the Yak if he do kill him.

Inference: He got excited when he see the Yak. He found the Yak. The Yak is big I think  he might scared the Yak away when he got scared.

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