Movie Poster Evaluation

First off this movie poster is attention grabbing because of the huge image of all the zombies and the big helicopter. Plus the z is dark red which makes that huge z pop out because red and black are contrasting colors. I think this movie poster is really a good one because it draws you in. Plus this is the climax, which makes me ask why are there a bunch of zombies all climbing to get to the helicopter. That makes me want to know, which will influence me to see the movie. Plus this poster reveals what this movie will be mainly be about humans fighting zombies in huge masses. In my opinion I think this movie poster is mainly one to make you wonder what is happening and makes you want to see more. Usually the movie posters that draw me in are the ones that show mid action events happening. Because that makes me know it is going to be an exciting action movie because those are some of my favorite types. Plus its good to do what they did with this one, show the best actor or actors on the top. Sometimes people like to see movies with their favorite actors in it.

Movie Trailer Evaluation

This trailer is really good in my opinion. I know it draws people in because I remember when I watched this trailer and it made me really want to go see the movie. So I ended up going to the theaters and I watched the movie. I think this trailer is good because it shows good parts of the climax, and it shows enough interesting things you want to find out about. Like when she falls down the stairs, we want to know who is the house possessed by. They show enough bits, but they don't finish them to make us want to. This trailer uses beginning clips to give you an idea what the movie will be about. Plus they really give that creepy, suspenseful feel to the movie, which is the general feel. They teased a lot of scenes so us the audience will crave to know more. It leaves questions that we have, that for some reason we just really want to answer. So the only answer to that solution is to go see the movie and usually if they give you enough questions you want to answer like you did. You will go out and watch the movie early in theaters. Usually when movies go into trailers, they make the most money right away. Like I watched the trailer the first day it came out, and saw it the next day because the trailer made we want to so bad. That is why I actually believe this is probably one of the best trailers, I have personally seen.

Changes In T.V.

Television is changing fast as we know it. Its changing by the type of shows, the way their watched, and the way their advertised. First off TV is having different kinds of shows. In the olden days TV mainly consisted of mostly dramas, and shows that teach life lessons. But now a days TV shows consist of reality competition shows, and like stupid comedies. Not like stupid like its bad, it just had certain jokes. Secondly shows now a days can not only be watched on TV, but many other places. Including Hulu plus, Netflix, YouTube, sometimes you can even watch full episodes just on Google videos or social media cites. TV is advertised a lot in commercials now a days. And mostly the shows advertising commercials play on the channel their on. TV is very popular, after all its the biggest source of entertainment around the world. A long time ago families would only have 1 TV in their homes, maybe 2 if they had the money. But now families have an average of 4 TVs in their room, and that is quite a lot. More people are starting to just watch TV than actually doing something when your bored. Like when kids used to be bored they would go outside and either play a game, ride a bike, or something productive. But now kids are just watching TV and getting fat. I personally don't watch TV that much or my family does but we have 4 TVs so that just proves family's that don't mostly even watch TV still have a lot of TVs and I don't really think that will ever change.

Reaction To Artifact Movie

I was surprised after watching Artifact because although I have never actually known much about major record labels, I did think every artist who signs with a major record label ends up famous and rich. But I found out that usually when a artist signs with a major record label, they end up getting screwed, and buried in debt. First off I think a fair deal between the artist and the record deal would be the record label gets 60% of sales from albums. And the artists get the other 40%. Same for digital downloads 60 and 40. But for merchandise I think the label should get all of that, but for endorsements artists get 80% and label gets the other 20% because artists actually participate in endorsements. Then for concert sales they should split the profits 50 50, so they both make a solid amount and no one goes in debt. Also in games, commercials, and other things like that the profits should be halved I believe. I think sometimes major record labels could deserve higher percentages, but they have to agree to book many good shows, and designate new and better equipment. When the other equipment gets old. I think artists still sign with major record labels because some just don't that major labels screw artists. Some artists that are just starting hear about the artists that did good with the major label. But they never hear about the bad stories when artists failed and never got famous. Artists just want to be famous so they just don't check as much. I think the real issue is that the major labels don't care about their artists, they just care how much money they will make. They don't about ruining artists careers, they just want a lot of money. And that's what this film expressed, theirs got to be more major labels that care about artists. I think more artists should develop their own labels because their the only people who truly care about music. I probably would have done the same thing as thirty seconds to mars. Even though their in debt, they figured out what to do. I think if I was a band I would just make enough money to live off of because when your an artists, you care about the music. So more artists should starts signing with independents lower labels so they can have a good time making music.

If I Ran My Amusement Park

If I ran my own amusement park I would offer bundling deals where if you buy all year tickets, you get a bundled food package with it. So you can go to the amusement park year round again and again. Plus you get a food card with 10 different stickers, where you can buy any food item, and once you get it, the food person employee that just got you your food staples the sticker. So once you run out of stickers, you get no more free food. Plus theirs something you pay for which is a pass that makes you get to pass the line, and sit in any seat you want to. So if theirs a huge line for the first car at valley fair you could go straight up and ride. The pass works year round, so the season ticket holders will probably also buy this. So now that means I am making a lot of money because customers want the full experience. The worst thing is waiting in line and this makes that mo more. And now the customers saving money, so their thinking I should spend my extra money on food, and games. So with these, I think my amusement park would always be busy, it will make a lot of money, and each aspect of my amusement park will be utilized.

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