Business Proposal Project
Beauty Salon

Computer Science, Mr. Scribner
By: Kayleen Rodriguez

The reason I chose the business was because I like to help people look more beautiful and not have a problem in beauty. Like I will sell beauty products like creams, shampoos, and conditioners etc.... People will get different kinds of hair styles they want like curls, straitened, buns, braids etc.... I love to help people in their beauty even though their beauty is in the inside.  Some people might think that their not beautiful at all I cam help them be beautiful and be confident.


Short term: I will get a local business, create a business in 7-10 months, have supplies, equipment, start setting up my business, give out flyer to target customers, and be wealthy.

Long Term- Have more 2-3 more local in  3-4 years, have every thing I need to be successful.