Catcher In The Rye Reading Log
By THE Candice Denny

It's about to get real....

Chapters 1&2

"Sometimes I act a lot older than I am - I really do - but people never notice it. People never notice anything." The Catcher in the Rye, 13

Chapters 3&4

"I still had my red hunting hat on, with the peak around the back and all. I really got a bang out of that hat" The Catcher in the Rye, Chapter 4 Page 36

This quote J. D. Salinger's novel hints at the absence of a community in Holden's life. In a way he sort of bleeds into the background at Pencey and finally he has this hat, this defining quality that can help him define himself. For the main duration of the novel Holden has done nothing but pick out defining qualities, and flaws, of other characters with only this red hunting hat to define himself. And for some strange reason Holden is completely in love and constantly excited by this hat that he picked up in New York on a whim. This quote from the novel hints at Holden starting to search for his own defining qualities and for who he is and what he wants.

Chapters 5&6

In these chapters of The Catcher in the Rye we see a more clandestine side of Holden. He not only shares an indelible part of his childhood, but also opens up to his true emotions afterwards. Whilst writing an english composition Holden remembers his late brother. It is also noted that during the night of his younger brother's death Holden did not feel and compunction for smashing every window in the garage and breaking his hand. This shows how much Holden cared about his younger brother and also that he is very passionate. And after writing the composition about a fond memory of his brother, Holden is truly elated for the first time in the book. And maybe this new sense of himself, and his brother, helped Holden stand up so Stagholder's jerkish ways. He is no longer indulgent to his roommate's overbearing demands and actually stands up for himself.

Chapters 7-13

Chapter 7: If Holden really dislikes the way he always claims to, why does he always hang out with him? Is this an example of Holden beings hypocritical and phony?

Chapter 8: Again we see Holden manipulating a woman but commenting on how much he likes her and wishes he didn't start lying. What does this says about Holden and who he is, especially when it comes to meeting people?

Chapter 9: Do you think Holden tried(or talents thought) about trying to reach out to someone at any point in this chapter?

Chapter 10: Do you think Holden is truly apathetic and uncaring about things? Consider Pencey, the people at Pencey, jobs and college but also consider his siblings and Jane.

Chapter 11: Describe Holden and Jane's relationship. What do you think about it? And what do you think Holden thinks about it from the way he describes it. Does it remind you of any other literary characters.

Chapter 12: Describe the difference between Holden's feelings towards Lilian and Jane.

Chapter 13: Why do you think Holden got a hooker?

Chapters 14-17

Chapter 14: What or why do you think Holden constantly notes how depressed he feels and shares suicidal thoughts?

Chapter 15: What did you take from what Holden said and did about the suitcase situation with his roommate? Why do you think he did and said what he did?

Chapter 16: Why do you think Holden likes the museum so much?

chapter 17: Why do you think Holden is unable to care about movies or plays? But he can completely connect to books?

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