Fahrenheit 451 Theme Connection

Jackson Jones & Harrison Hoy
Works used-
Technology Poem-Anonymous
Harrison Bergeron
Fahrenheit 451
CNN article


Summary of Current Event-CNN illustrates that even though many people in modernday society are excited for future technologies and other things the future has to offer, many people are very afraid of what might happen. People are afraid the future may get rid of some things we value. It also may change the way we live negatively.

Connection #1-The CNN article, poem and Harrison Bergeron all are similar because they both illustrate that humans are scared of future technology. The future technology may cause problems that we do not want in modern day society. All also emphasize that we may become and may already be too dependent on technology. They also say technology may cause us to become an intelligent due to reliance on technology.

Connection #2-Fahrenheit 451, Harrison Bergeron, the CNN article, and the poem we used, all exhibit that with advancing technology, humans may become over dependent on new technologies causing us to become blinded and unaware of what is happening in the world. Montag asked Mildred if "[her] family love[s] [her]" and he does this because he realizes that the people on the TV parlor wall are fake and completely virtual (Bradbury 73). He realizes he and Mildred are both over dependent on the TV parlors and other technologies in his society. The children in Fahrenheit 451 are also blinded on what is happening in their society because "they would have killed [Montag]... for no reason at all" and they wouldn't have known killing is bad or what's a terrible thing they would have just done (Bradbury 122). The children see killing on the TV parlor walls so they think killing is okay.

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