Lions are the largest and most dangerous bigcat in the grasslands.


Lions are 2.5 metres long and 250 kilograms, they are also known as carnivores. They have a brown mane and a yellowish orange body.


Lions are mostly found in savannahs,grasslands,dense bushes,woodlands and deciduous scrub forests.


They live in tall grass and dens. Their den is just a small cave or just a patch of vegetation.

Biological Relationship

Lions are apex predators that eat zebras,antelopes,deers and other large hooved mammals.

Life Cycle

They start off being born from a lioness then they grow up into an adult

Food chain/web

Lions are apex predators


They live in the grasslands,Africa,plains and deciduous forest

Interesting Facts

Lion cubs practice their hunting skillls by stalking,pouncing and chasing eachother. They have a scientific name which is Panthera Leo

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