Writting a winner

By J.T. Brust

Covered by the night I approached the old house, what I found I will never forget. That sounded cool right? Well that is one of the many ways to improve a paper,  get you an A in english class, and pass the star test. What I used right there is a hook, It gives the reader intrest and makes him/her want to continue with the book.  On this Tackk I will explain how even you too can write a winner.

Now, like I said a hook is a great way to make any reader want to continue. A way to make this effective is to make sure it sounds intresting without giving up too much of the climax. Leave them with a cliffhanger so that they want to continue with the paper. Here will be another example, it all came crashing down, my plan failed and now it's all over. The reason why this is a good hook is it builds suspense and you want to know what happened to the character and what his plan was.

Next up is expanding the moment, just take any moment in your story and freeze it, then add more sentences about it, it's that easy. If you want to spice up your paper just add figurative language and it will bring it to life. Since I can't talk about all of the figurative language I will link a video to a video so that you can see them all.

Okay test time lets see what you learned which one of these is a oxymoron, and no peeking. Let's see if you were paying attention to this Tackk.

Okay put your pencils down and get graded. I hope you did well. If not then you need some work but thats ok.  Go and study at this website and then take the test again only then can you continue.

WARNING! stop anyone entering this without completing the test will be kicked out of this program.

Now lets talk about the magic 3. The magic 3 is something you've probaly done and this is only a new name, a  magic 3 is when you list 3 things to make a point. Such as, on monday I went to the movies, then I ate at Dennys, finaly I went home. Just because it's a magic 3 doesn't mean it stops at 3, it can go to however many you want.

Those are just a few tricks to help improve your paper and help you write a winner, now that the star test is coming up be sure to remember these cool tricks. Just remember no matter what just ..................

Cute huh

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