10 Incredibly Easy Ways to Avoid Boredom during Pregnancy

Tips to Avoid Boredom during Pregnancy

Staying in bed all day may sound like a great relaxing summer vacation, but if you’re a pregnant woman, it feels more like a prison. Despite completing all your household chores, there are chances you might feel bored, exhausted and frustrated – especially if it’s final trimester of your pregnancy. Although it's quite normal to feel bored during pregnancy, there are many things you can do to keep pregnancy boredom at bay and become more productive.

Let’s check 'em out!

                         Get Active:

If you find yourself free every day at a particular time, it’s the perfect time to do some physical activity like dancing, swimming, gardening, climbing the stairs, walking, yoga, etc. Being active all the time during pregnancy not only helps you have a healthy and fit pregnancy but also keeps you happy and contented. Moreover, researchers also say that women who are physically active while pregnant tend to experience less boredom and fatigue as compared to pregnant women who don't indulge in any physical activity.

                Learn Something New:

Learning a new skill, particularly the one for which you could not find the time since ages, is probably one of the best ways to fully utilize your all nine months of pregnancy. It can be anything you always wanted to learn, like learning a new language, sewing, blogging, coding, or even cooking a new recipe. Staying intellectually engaged with something that interests you, you can easily beat pregnancy boredom and thereby feel more vibrant and alive.

                    Pamper Yourself:

When you’re pregnant, you may feel a little awkward or ungainly as you’re carrying an extra life in your tummy. Your skin and hair feel dry? Are nails brittle? Well, it’s time to try something new with your hairs, nails, and make-up. After all, you'll stay at home most of the time and no one is going to see your new experiment. Get a really chic haircut, pamper yourself with a mani/pedi, and buy yourself some cute maternity clothes so you could still feel fashionable. Being pregnant doesn't mean you have to look dowdy!

             Go on a Shopping Spree:

As you’ll practically have no time for shopping after the birth of your child, make a list of all the things you want to buy for yourself and your new little bundle of joy. Once your list is completed, get out of your house to take full advantage of this golden opportunity to buy new stuff for you and your new arrival. If you don't wanna go outside, you may also consider shopping online for your little one.

Connect with Other Pregnant Mothers:

Take some time to have an actual, meaningful conversation with other expectant mothers. This will help you learn more about pregnancy and other relevant topics. By connecting with other mums-to-be, you’re able to share every single thing that is happening in your pregnancy, which eventually relieves your stress and also helps you get rid of your loneliness. Joining prenatal yoga classes is a great way to connect with other pregnant women and meet them regularly.

            Plan a Picnic or a Day Trip:

Instead of spending all day cooped up, plan for a daily outing with your friends or family members. A picnic is a wonderful way to stave off pregnancy boredom, especially if you have other children. Keeping your busy and entertained for hours, a picnic not only gives you break from your usual pregnancy routine but also allows you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Best of all, it doesn’t require any special planning!

              Makeup Photo Memories:

Having a professional maternity photo shoot is a great way to avoid pregnancy boredom while also preserving your beautiful memories of becoming a mother. Despite all the pregnancy discomforts, you’ll definitely enjoy your maternity photo shoot because it makes you look gorgeous - regardless of how tired, anxious and depressed you feel inside. If you can't afford a professional photographer, you can ask your partner to take pictures of your growing belly instead.

                 Read Good Literature:

Which mother doesn’t want her baby to be a genius? Reading good literature during pregnancy not only kills a lot of your free time but also boosts your child's intelligence inside the womb. As whatever you read during pregnancy passes to your unborn child, you’re often suggested to read mythological stories and scriptures so that some really good moral values could transfer to your little one. After all, a mother is a child's first and the best teacher.

                    Get Organized:

Even though you are on bed rest, you should always try to get into a daily routine. This will help you stay organized and busy during pregnancy. One of the best ways to get on a schedule is making a list of all the tasks you wish to do and schedule them in order of their importance. This way, you’ll never feel useless, bored, or disconnected since you always have something next to do.

           Keep the Romance Alive:

Pregnancy is the perfect time to connect with your partner and therefore, you both should spend quality time with each other. Try to find ways how you can spend more and more with your partner despite the bed rest. Share meals in bed, watch television together, plan out a romantic evening or you can even surprise your hubby by arranging a romantic candle light dinner at home. Do whatever you can to get closer to each other.