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How to reduce are risks of getting a.i.d.s?

There is a hypothesis on how HIV appeared. Scientist think that it came from a special kind of chimpanzee in South Africa. They think that humans caught it by eating infected animals.

HIV is a reality in are world and we have to be cautious. Where ever you go there is HIV.Once you have it , there's no going back . Before telling you how to prevent it , you should know how you can get it.

HIV is transmitted through body fluids. Blood , cum, pre-cum, breast milk , vaginal fluids and rectal mucous are body fluids that can transmit HIV or AIDS . So how exactly is HIV transmitted to one person to the other ? By having onprotected sex, by using a used syringe, by breastfeading your child , by being pregnant you can transmit it to your unborn child and many more. Any  ways were those body fluids can get in contact are ways to get HIV.

Be careful!

By reading this blog, you're already reducing your risks of having HIV because knowing what HIV is and how it can be transmitted is itself a way to prevent it. Another way , is to have protected sex. While having sexual contacts, wear a condom and make sure that it isn't  expired. Also, if the condom isn't put properly ,it's like having no condom at all. Read the instructions on the condom box if it's your first time putting one. If you don't want to wear a condom, get you and your partner tested.

If you're a person that uses injected drugs,  make sure you take a syringe that wasn't already use. Also, abusing of alcohol and drugs impairs your judgment. This makes you more at risk because you may take bad decision such as having sex with no condoms are taking a syringe with out knowing if it was used or not.


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