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Week Commencing- 11th May 2015

Headteacher's Blog

On Wednesday of this week I met with Adam Burrows in Year 9 who has completed his Reading Passport Plus. This means that since September he has read 22 books which include: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table; How to Survive Anything; Scorpia and The Slightly Annoying Elephant by David Walliams. When I asked him which was his favourite book he recommended: Time Riders and Fire Within. In his comments about reading he said that completing all this reading has 'helped a lot when it comes to writing tasks in English – a subject which he finds a challenge.’

We know he is right. That reading regularly as an adult or student does help improve life chances as well as give us an insight into different worlds and experiences.

Earlier in the week I was fortunate to work with other Headteachers from schools in Uttoxeter. We are currently evaluating the plan we set ourselves for this year to further develop teaching and learning across the pyramid. We have agreed to hold a shared training day; to work towards a common assessment system across the pyramid and to provide robust challenge and support to each other. This week you may be reading our newsletter for the first time if you have a child in one of our first schools. As Headteachers we felt that the more familiar a student is with the schools that they may join the smoother their transition from one school to the next. We hope as you read the newsletter today you see articles which may interest your son or daughter. Thank you to the middle school parents and students at Windsor who met with me last week to ask questions and talk to me about transition.

During the evening parents asked me a range of questions. One of these questions was whether our course in Environmental Land Based Science, more commonly known as ELBS would be continued. Unfortunately we received news on Friday from OFQUAL that the ELBS qualification will not be available to schools from September 2016. This means that our current Year 9 students are able to study ELBS however currently there is not a GCSE course for our Year 8 students. The farm is an important part of our school community and therefore we are working with a chief examiner and the school farm's network to explore what other schools with school farms are planning to do. If you have any questions please contact Mrs North Head of ELBS.

Another question was regarding our languages curriculum. Students in the top 4 sets have 3 lessons of French and 3 lessons of German in Year 9. The remaining students have 4 lessons of French and the remaining 2 periods are used to offer students additional time in English. All students are encouraged to select French as an option in Year 10;  those students who have taken French and German in Year 9 can opt for either  one or both subjects in year 10. Finally on our curriculum: some parents wanted to understand a little more about our Design Technology curriculum. In Year 9 students are fortunate to be able to experience Food; Resistant Materials; Graphics and Textiles. They do this through having a lesson in each discipline every two weeks.

Letters have been sent to middle schools to pass on to parents to explain which House their son or daughter on Friday.


Year 11 students preparing for their RS exam on Saturday morning. We wish them well.

Absence From School

Please see the letters linked here regarding absence from school. It is very important that you read these letters and let us know if you have any questions.

Letter 1

Letter 2

Art News

After 4 solid weeks of Art/photography exams we have lots to look forward to next term.

11th June- Year 10 will be going on an educational visit to Liverpool Tate Art gallery and Albert dock. Students will be viewing artworks and recording ideas for future use in their coursework. Letters available from Art teachers.

16th June- the 6th form Artists and photographers will also be visiting Liverpool galleries to gain valuable research for their A2 studies.

18th June- the exciting Art exhibition. A chance for all 6 art rooms to display the best of TAHS Art students work from KS3-5. We are also hosting the Uttoxeter Rotary Club, Young Photographer of the Year Prize giving. Fingers crossed that our students are successful as in previous years.

Latest from 6th Form


6th Form Examinations are now fully underway and students are reporting that they have been well prepared by teaching staff to whom they offer their thanks. Please could students be reminded that morning exams start at 9.00am prompt and afternoon exams start at 1.00pm prompt and that students must be wearing the correct uniform.

Year 13 Leavers

The week beginning Monday 18th May marks the end of 5 years of education at Thomas Alleyne’s High School for the majority of our Year 13 students. The week will undoubtedly be a rollercoaster of emotions for both staff and students as we start to say our goodbyes. During the week, as is tradition, you will see many of our students wearing their official 2015 leaver’s hoodies and on Thursday 21st May we will have our formal Leavers Day.

Year 13 Lessons/revision

During the above week all lessons will run according to timetable aside from Thursday. After half term Year 13 students are invited in for revision sessions in their normal allocated lesson time for which they must wear uniform and sign in outside the 6th Form office.

Teaching & Learning

As part of our commitment at Thomas Alleyne's to deliver high quality teaching and learning for our students, we have invested significantly this year in widening training opportunities for our staff. 14 teachers from a variety of subjects have participated in the National Forest Teaching School Improving Teacher and Outstanding Teacher Programmes. Those teachers who participated in the Improving Teacher Programme were able see teaching in a variety of subjects in another local school and as a result they have been incorporating new teaching ideas into their lessons. The teachers who completed the Outstanding Teacher Programme have used their experiences to coach other teachers in order to help them develop their teaching. Teachers in Science and English have been developing their subject knowledge through involvement in a Subject Immersion Programme; Heads of Department in English, Maths and Science have been working with other heads of department in East Staffordshire Schools in order to share ideas on how to improve marking and feedback and how to quality assure teaching in their departments. Other middle leaders have had the chance to work on whole school improvement projects as part of a Leading Change Programme and undertake qualifications in order to prepare them to become heads of department.

Revision Sessions

Tuesday 19th May

Textiles warm up 8.00 to 9.00 in Room 61

Geography warm up period 3 in room 6 6A and 7. Students will be assigned rooms by Geography Department.

Wednesday 20th May

Business Studies warm up 8.15 in room 8 and 83

Biology warm up period 3 U population only. Rooms 54, 55, 56. Only those students in sets 1, 2 or 3 who are doing separate sciences.

Thursday 21st May

English Literature Period 3 and 4

Period 3 Y11 U pop is in English

Period 4 Y11 H pop are in science so there will be a straight swap. Y11 H pop will go to English and revise in their English sets. Rooms directed by Mrs Harris.

Election of Parent Governor

Please see the letter below regarding the election of a parent governor, the deadline is 3.30pm on Thursday 21st May.

The World of Maths

It has been great to see so many students attending the after school maths revision sessions this week. We have had in excess of 100 students! Well done to all the students who have attended and thank you to all the staff who have stayed (on a few days to nearly 6pm). After school revision will continue next week on Tuesday (especially for A-level Core 2), Wednesday, Thursday and even Friday.

GCSE Half term revision - please come to C-Block Thursday 9am - 1pm for all foundation tier students (sets 11H3B, 11H4, 11H5, 11U3, 11U4 and 11U5)

Friday 9am - 1pm for higher tier students aiming at grade B/A (sets 11H2, 11H3A, 11U2 and 11U2A)

GCSE Revision sessions after half term - these sessions are open to all students. Please come to C-Block and look at the posters to see which classroom your group is in.Tuesday 2nd June - period 3 (11.20 - 12.20), period 5 (2.05 - 3.05) and after school Wednesday 3rd June - period 2 (10 - 11am), period 3 (11.20 - 12.20), period 5 (2.05 - 3.05) and after school Thursday 4th June - pre-exam revision starting from 7.50am (non-calculator exam starts at 9am) and after school

Saturday 6th June 9.30am - 12.30pm

Monday 8th June - pre-exam revision starting from 7.50am (calculator exam starts at 9am)

Equipment for maths exams:Black pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, compass, protractor and scientific calculator - all equipment is available to purchase from the maths department.

A-Level Revision Sessions Tuesday - Friday after school.Year 13 are more than welcome to come in at any point during study leave

Science Exams

Next week sees Year 10 and Year 11 take their external Science exams.

The Year 10 Science exam covering modules B1, C1 and P1 is on Wednesday 20 May.

Our Year 11 Biology students have their first exam on the same day covering modules B1, B2 and B3.

Continuing with revision will undoubtedly prove to be beneficial and we wish all of our students every success in their forthcoming exams.

County Show Prep

ELBS students have been halter training our calves and Shetland sheep ready for the county show at half term. They are entered in several categories including young handlers.
Our newly arrived Kune Kune has also been busy and has given birth to a litter of five, healthy piglets. Mother and babies are doing fine.

New Menu

Entrust have joined in partnership with Chartwells, part of the Compass Group, to develop catering services across Staffordshire.

With effect from June 1st, menus will be changing in our Canteen and you will probably see other changes as well as Chartwells begin to implement their ways of working.
This doesn't mean any changes in staff - everyone has been transferred to the new company. Nor does it mean any increase in prices - a school lunch still represents amazing value for money - so please give it a try if you haven't bought anything recently - you might be surprised just how good the food is!

Please find below the new menus for your information

Message for 6th Form

I am Elaine, the Entrust Careers Adviser for Thomas Alleyne’s. I would like to introduce myself and tell you about the types of support I can offer you. I would also like to share the new Entrust Careers website which contains useful fact sheets about your options when you leave the 6th form. The web site can be found at fact sheets include information on Higher Education, Funding and Graduating, as well as advice on Applying for Jobs, CV writing, Interview Techniques and Self Employment.

There are some other useful web sites that you can use to explore the career ideas that you have and that give you more advice on getting into your chosen career. A useful starting point is the National Careers Service Job Profiles section. This site allows you to read about different career areas and find out the range of jobs in each group. You can then find out more about the skills you will need for the job as well as the specific roles you do on a day to day basis. The site also gives you information on the entry requirements too, which will allow you to explore the different routes into specific career ideas. If you still have any questions or need information on the local opportunities then you can contact me for this information.

There is also a useful graduate web site that generates career ideas based on the subjects you are studying at A level or BTEC level or that you want to continue with at University. This site is Go to the Careers Advice section: What can I do with my degree? This is useful to generate some ideas and thoughts about what the subjects you have chosen can lead to. It has example Case Studies, gives advice on career progression opportunities, salary and related jobs.

If you want some advice on finding an Apprenticeship I have a list of local and National Training Providers that specialise in the training for different career areas that I can share with you. I can also give you some useful tips on the different ways to find an employer.

You may want to ask a few quick questions about your career ideas or degree plans. If this is the case please feel free to email me with your questions. I am always happy to help.

I am also able to see you after your exams in Uttoxeter library during the Summer Holidays so contact me and we can arrange this too.

I hope this introduction is of use. If you have any questions or you feel that you need some help or some direction please get in touch:

01283 239400

Sports News

On Tuesday  our Year 10 Rounders team attended a Staffordshire Moorlands tournament. They won all of the 5 games they played to become the winners and enter the next round of the Schools Games. Well Done.

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