Amish Purohit: An Argument for the Air Force

Amish Purohit, currently the Chief Medical Officer of the Arizona Priority Care Plus since 2013 is a healthcare professional who looks back on his past experiences with pride. This popular physician was a member of the Air Force. He served while pursuing his bachelor’s degree, welcoming the opportunity to serve his country. His time with the Air Force taught him to be selfless and caring when it came to the needs of others, qualities that would serve him well in the years to come as a medical professional. During his service he was recognised on two separate occasions; in 1996 he received the Air Force Achievement medal and in 1998 the Air Force Commendation medal.

A part from patriotism, and giving back to your country, here are some reasons why you might consider joining the Air Force:

  • You can get help paying for college, while receiving credit for serving your country. With the rising tuition costs and miscellaneous fees, this is a strong deciding factor for many individuals who are considering joining.
  • You will receive a regular paycheque and most of your costs covered. You will get to make money and save, which will put you ahead of your peers.
  • You will be fit and healthy! Members have to undergo basic military training and as such, you will most likely be in the best shape of your life.
  • Respect will follow you wherever you go simply because you are wearing the uniform. Discounts are also offered to members of the Air Force in some establishments.

Joining the Air Force is not a decision to be taken lightly. The benefits are wonderful for those involved, however, by virtue of the fact that you will be a part of the armed forces, a lot will be required of you. As soon as you join you will be held to a higher standard, and will have to maintain that standard throughout your tenure as a member of the Air Force. It is a lot of work, and excuses will not be accepted for slacking off, but the rewards to be reaped, last way beyond your period of service.