Ancient Japan

Today, we will talk about how ancient Japan differs from modern Japan, we will talk about Fashion, Literature, Visual Arts, Architecture, and Performing Arts.

Fashion- Japanese people had great wardrobes full of silk robes and gold jewelry. Women wore 12 layer silk dresses to show multiple layers at once. Nobles often wore delicate decorative fans to accessorize. The fans were decorated with flowers, trees, and birds. Flowers and silk cords were attached to the fans. Traditional Japanese people still wear fans and silk robes, but not a lot of modern people do.

Literature- Noble women wrote diaries and journals. They wrote in the Japanese language. One of the greatest writers were lady Marusaki Shikibu. The Tale of Genji is considered to be one of Japan's greatest books. Modern literature isn't as traditional and today, there is a lot of technology used, like ebooks and computers.

Visual Arts- Popular Japanese art forms are paintings, calligraphy, and architecture. The liked bright, bold colors. Paintings show scenes from nature or court life. They wanted Poems to be as beautiful as they sounded. Modern day art is really similar to traditional art. Japan has really unique buildings, and sofisticated color and complex designs.

Architecture- They copied Chinese building styles. Buildings had wood frames that curved slightly upward. Japanese people liked simple- airy designs. To add beauty, they added ponds and gardens. Modern architecture eliminated wood frames, and utilized lights and technological designs, with an addition of gardens and nature.

Performing Arts- People gathered to watch musicians, jugglers, and acrobats. The perfomamces were rowdy, fun, and wild. They created a drama type play called Noh. Noh plays had music, speaking, and dances, much like today's plays. Modern day performances rarely have jugglers and acrobats though. Now, conventions, movies, plays, and concerts have grown quite popular in Japan.

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