Southeast Asia

Pagen Kingdom

This Kingdom was during AD 840s and was ruled by Anawrahta. They built thousands of magnificent Buddhist temples.

Khmer Empire

It started in the early 800s and their capitol is Angkor. They had hindu and Buddhist beliefs and had Indian influences. They devised an irrigation system that covered millions of acres.

Trading Kingdoms

Sailendra went from 750 to 850 and Arivijaya was from 600 to 1200. Their capitol is Palembang and it is an important center of Buddhist learning. They ruled on agriculture and trade. They had wealth from oversea trade.


Han conquered Nam Viet in 111 BC and it was independent in 939. They had a bureaucracy and a Confucian-based civil service system. They were forced to adopt Chinese's language and hair styles. They preserved their own culture and identity.