Mayland Hopper-2 11/5/13

Zack the kid

Zack with eyes as blue as the sea,

Zack of the brown hair and tan skin,

Zack whose life is a mystery,

Is a boy with many friends,

Walking home every day,

Watching the cars fly by as he walks,

Looking at the poor dead animals flattened like pancakes and feels sorry for them,

Swatting the Nat’s making them drop like flies,

Keeping an eye out for any dangers.

Zack gets home after a while,

Starting on his homework,

Grabs a drink of water,

Because he is tired from the hot walk home.

Zack inside that polo shirt,

Inside that kind throat that says hi,

Inside that eighty pound body of boy is a loving heart and intelligent mind,

Is a boy waiting in the courtyard for the teachers to open the doors,

When they open the door the boy comes in to eat breakfast,

Then after he eats he talks to his friends,

When the teachers tell him to go to the gym or the courtyard he and his friends got to the courtyard,

When the bell rings he goes inside,

Then he heads to his locker then to class.

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