A Retelling of The Last Supper

Before the Feast of the Passover, when Jews all around the world came together to celebrate their liberation from the Egyptians, Jesus knew that His time on in this world would soon come to and end.

To celebrate the Passover, Jesus had gathered with all of His 12 apostles to have a meal. Prior to this, one apostle Judas had already sold out where Jesus would be to the officials that were looking for him. He received only 30 pieces of silver to turn in Christ.

Jesus took a towel from around his waist and poured water to wash his apostles feet. This was a sign of service and respect. The apostles did not understand why their Master would do the lowly task of washing their feet, but Jesus explained that they would understand at a later time.  

Jesus knew what Judas had done and told the group that he knew that one of them would betray Him. Each of the apostles insisted that they would never dream of betraying Jesus, but still Jesus said that one of them would.

Jesus took the bread and wine and told the group to eat and drink of it, and that it was His Body and Blood. The apostles were confused but following His command.

After the meal, Jesus and his followers went outside to pray. The men fell asleep when they were supposed to be standing watch, and they woke up to Judas approaching with soldiers. Judas kissed Jesus and he was arrested.

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