Mary Jane's Journal

Journal Entry #1

My name is Mary Jane Williams. I live in Galena Illinois, with my family of six including my two older brothers and my younger sister. I live in a farm house that is in the middle of our vegetable garden.My days are just like every other average women, cooking and cleaning, and taking care of my family along side my mother. Just recently I have joined the union army, and have disguised myself as a man. I have entered my as William James. Last night I have really missed my family and husband William Henry Smith. And today, I start my first day of training. It has been hard and long but at least I got to sleep the night.


Journal Entry #2


Charles: How ya doin?

Mary Jane: Hunkey Dorey, how about yourself?

Charles: Played out.

Mary Jane: Aw that’s not good, did you hear that today we will be getting some fresh fish?

Charles: Really?

Mary Jane: Ya, and did you also hear that James got shot by two hornets this morning, toeing the mark. He had to go to the sawbone and get his leg amputated. I feel bad, he is a nice guy.

Charles: Yeah he does not talk much though

Mary Jane: Oh did you hear that?

Charles: Ya the skunk is calling! Bye!

Mary Jane: Bye! See you in training


Photo Prompt~

(The flag all the way at the bottom, because it won't stay here, sry)

This flag is the only colored cloth idem Iv'e seen in a while

Journal Entry #3

Dear Henry,

     I haven't written to you in a while, that's because we just relocated to Pennsylvania. I kinda of like it here but its colder that back home, so that will take some getting used to. The camp here is not very nice though. Just thousands of tents lined up in rows and a big tent for the generals in the middle. A normal days starts off with breakfast (usually just hardtack) and then train from eight to noon. We take a break for lunch for water and keep at training until three. After that we have the rest the day for leisure activities. My favorite activity is to play baseball with the men. Then we have dinner and do chores until eight. Our chores consist of feeding and grooming the animals, sweeping out your tent, help to make the food for the next day, or doing laundry/bathing. Sadly not all of the men bath and it is really gross. Also today, my comrade Jim was goofing around during the lunch break and he got punished. His punishment was to start cutting down the trees for firewood. I felt kind of bad for him because it was very hot out today. I miss you so much my dearest husband and I wish the best for you. I hope to be back soon, the war can't last forever. I love you!


                   Mary Jane


Photo Prompt~

The battle field is all I see in the morning.

Journal Entry #4

How do Jeremiah and the Union troops, some of whom are African-American, react to slaves they meet?~ Jeremiah and his Union troops will be really devastated when they see what the southerns have been doing to the slaves. Some of them will try to help but it will do nothing.

How do the hungry troops react to the southern farms?~ The troops will get so hungry that at night will eat all of the crops as they go, and will take the extras with them. Since the general will fell bad he will leave some money at the door of the farmers house that they took the crops from.

Will Jeremiah ever know what happened to his brother?~ Yes he will because he will get a note from the army saying that his brothers has died. Then Jeremiah relies that they fought against his brother and he probably died in the same battle that he was in.

Jeremiah, when you chose to stay with your mom what caused you to make that choice?~ I chose to stay with my mother because she was sick. I knew that she couldn't take care of the farm b herself and she would have probably gotten worse faster if I wasn't there to help her.

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about?~ Something that I was happy about was joining the union army and I was also proud of this because we are doing well so far.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?~  I wish that my brother and mother hadn't died because now I don't have any family left.

Jeremiah, how do you felt about your mother dying?


Journal Entry #5

                            The Escape to Freedom

-We’ve been marching marching marching for ever so long

we never thought it end

until this day came along

-Its is April 16th, 1865

The day was so long I felt I had to flee

Then in the quiet of the night

the sky suddenly lit up

and it gave me a warning

That this bloody affair would soon be


Chorus: I never thought Id make but I guess i did

I was freeeee

Yes so freeeee it so good

Because I was freeeee

When I saw home I my I felt something that I haven't felt in such a long time

It was love and freeeeedom, oh it felt good to be freeeee


I feel free! I love this!


Photo Prompt~

Journal Entry #6

Today has been like no other. For starters today the guys and I were playing a very intense game of baseball. This is exciting for me because I have never played the sport before I got here. It is actually harder than it looks, and I sure as heck hope that I didn't give any hints that I was a girl because I can’t throw or bat as well as everyone else. Then everything gets worst. I was in my tent taking off my hat to let my hair get some air when the general walks in to talk about how I played baseball. He looks at me and started yelling. He told me that there is no use for me on the battlefield but there is a spot for a nurse. I was very thankful that back home that I was studying to be a nurse, so now I can put my skills to use. Now writing this out maybe I didn't have such a bad day after all. Oh and before I go I need to write my hardtack recipe. Its flour water and some cooked rice. Not the tastiest but it fills up for a couple of hours.

Photo Prompt~

Here is a photo of our camps' team

Journal Entry #7

Today I got to start my training. The first thing that I got to see was how to cure sicknesses such as a sore throat or a stomach ache. For curing a stomach ache we have our patients were a new invention called a stomach belt. It is heard to be very painful. Also I learned how to amputate a leg. I learned how it could be done with or without medications and how to make it as painless as possible. Though judging on the screaming the patient did I think the surgeon was lying when he said “painless”. Then after the surgery was complete I was shown where to put the limb. In the back there is a very deep pit where I got to throw the leg. I was very scary because there was so many in the pit already. That's all for today journal, I hope to be writing in you soon!!


Photo Prompt~

I can't wait to come home and see my house again.

Journal Entry #8

Dear Henry,

I can't wait to come home and see you. I have missed you and thought about you everyday I have been away. There has been so much that has happened to me during my long stay away from you. I have been very scared while I was here. There is always bombing and gun shots, and when a battle is going on you don't really understand how much you like silence until you have heard what I have heard. The just yesterday I started my journey home. I will hopefully be home in about three days.**** I can't believe that i'm home. Everyone was waiting for on the front stairs on my house. Also I finally got to eat good food, that won't make you sick. I feels good to be home. I can't wait to see when you come home. I love you!

                      Love your wife,

                                Mary Jane



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