properties of matter

  1. MASS- The amount of matter in an object .
  2. VOLUME- The amount of space an object takes up
  3. WEIGHT- (on earth) a measure of the force gravity between earth and an object
  4. DENSITY- a measure of how tightly packed matter is the amount of mass contained in a given volume
  5. BOUYANCY- the upward push on an object by the liquid (or gas) the object is placed in
  6. CONDUCT- Allow heat or electricity to flow through rapidly
  7. INSULATE- not allow heat or to flow through rapidly
  8. SOLUBILITY- Able to dissolve in water
  9. MAGNETISM- able to attract to a magnet
  10. STATE OF MATTER- any of the forms matter can exist
  11. MELTING POINT- the tempature at which a solid changes a state in to a liquid
  12. BOILING POINT - the tempature in witch a liquid changes state into a gas
  13. FREEZEING POINT -the tempature at whitch a liquid changes state into a solid

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