Cells are like Airports.

A cell analogy project by Gabe and Bobby

Air traffic control towers are like cell membranes; they regulate what comes in and out of the airport.

The terminal of the airport is like the cytoplasm and cytoskeleton of a cell because it is the main structure.

The people in the air traffic control tower are like the nucleus of a cell. They tell everyone what to do and how to do it.

The fueling trucks are similar to mitochondria because they supply usable fuel to the airport.

The runways of airports are like the endoplasmic reticulum of a cell because it helps transport planes.

Airplane factories are similar to ribosomes because they create planes.

Airport snack trucks are like a cell's golgi apparatus because they prepare planes for travel.

Airport oil change buildings are like lysosomes because they recycle old oil to be used again.

Airport maintenance buildings are like peroxisomes because they help to get rid of old plane parts.

Plane engines are like flagella because they allow planes to move.

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