Milgram  Experiment

       After World War II Stanley Milgram looked back at the trails of the German soldiers and  how they said they were just following orders. Milgram wondered if that was a valid reason. Milgram then decided to do a experiment that studied humans and there obedience. The experiment was set up with a teacher and a student. The experiment was conducted like this; The researcher called back two men and the one became the teacher and the other the student. What the teacher didn’t know was that the student was fixed. The student was in on the whole experiment. The teacher was there because they thought they would be studied on if punishment helped people learn. The student then was put in a room by themselves with a shock machine attached to them. The researcher and teacher then went into another room where there was a shock board. The shock board ranged from 15 volts to 450 volts (about 110 volts can kill a human). Before the researcher and the teacher left the student in the room by themselves the student told them that he had a medical condition with his heart and the researcher said he would be fine. The teacher then was told to ask the student questions from the other room in front of the shock board and every time the student got the answer wrong he should deliver a shock to him and increase the shock a little each time. When the student was given a shock he would say “ouch”. The student wasn't actually being shocked the shock board was fake. Each time the shock got stronger the cry of pain got more and more intense. Eventually the student stopped saying anything. The teacher could hear all of what the student was saying and most knew that they were kill the man. When the teacher said they wanted to stop the researcher would say “please continue.” and “the experiment requires you to continue.” and “It is absolutely essential that you continue.” and finally “you have no other choice but to continue.”. The teacher would either have the choose to keep going or to stop. The teacher never was told though that they could leave whenever so they thought they had to stay. Most people think that it was unethical that they were never told they could leave whenever. ⅔ of the teachers went the whole way to the 450 volts even though they thought they killed the man.

       My response to the findings of this experiment are that they can't be right but it is. Its hard to believe that people would obey orders until they could possibly kill someone. I think to myself would I do that and I tell myself I wouldn't but I probably would. Also when they said that the people were never told they could leave when ever I thought that it wasn't unethical even though some people thought so. I feel that if the people truly wanted to stop they would have. they didn't need someone to tell them that they could leave.

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