Take 10 mindful minutes.

Throwback to our how our apartment looked last year. Just add baby.

Day 3: Get a fresh perspective

Monday, Feb. 24, 2014

Sometimes it takes a little January Cure to make you feel not alone in the universe. I'm all about hard work. Like, super-duper my brain is about to explode and my fingertips are raw and there's blood in my tears and I haven't slept for weeks hard work. But truth is, you gain fitness during recovery.

Three days after floor duty, my back isn't sore and the place is so tidied and floors so clean, I feel new, nearly recovered. So, Monday's assignment was spot on.

Pick a spot in your house you don't often sit. Look at the room, close your eyes and spend 10 mindful minutes imagining the room empty, finding its problem spots, changing its flow. Repeat in as many spots or rooms as necessary, now or any day. You're not supposed to jump in and move things. Just diagnose. Use this information as you tackle your to-do list down the month.

My spot was the corner of our bedroom. You'd think with lofty, 14-foot windows I'd sit here all the time. But I've realized the past few weeks I haven't appreciated anything about our apartment because I treated it as something so temporary. Committed until November, I'm tasking myself with finding spots like this one and making the most of them.

Morning light in our apartment is magical. Soft, yet bright, clean. I've been spending a few extra minutes at home in the morning to enjoy it. It's a few extra minutes toward recovery. Whether I'm sipping my veggie breakfast smoothie or head-starting work, I take in the natural beauty of sunlight before I trudge into the cold, hard day of brain explosions and bloody tears. But hard work, like these pristine floors, is so worth it.

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