Valentine's Critique

Irasema De Leon & Cris Tamayo. January 27th, 2013

Dislike Critique

We think that the design could have been a little bit better. The chocolates look really animated and 2D. They could have embossed the shapes more to make it look more interesting.

We dont like this one because it looks to plain, looks like a creep will give it you. Could've added more to it also.

We don't like this one because aside from the "we're a perfect pair", It doesn't fit the valentine's theme.

We dont like this card because its very plain. The font could have been a different type and the colors could have had a more varaity.

We don't like this critique because its very plain. The only colors incorporated are red and white, it looks like not alot of effort was put into it. They could have done better.

Good Critiques! :)

I really like this Valentine's day card because some one took the time to actually make it. It's super cute and very creative and stays on topic with Valentine's day.

We like this critique because it shows that Valentine's day isnt only for couples but its also for younger kids to show that they love their parent's on this day too. It incorporates the kids feet to show that they fill up the heart. This is a very cute and sentimental card.

We like this one because it looks like it was made by a little kid but yet so creative. It shows that you care for the person "more than puppy love".

we liked this because the two colors of roses blend well together and the saying is very nicely put. but the different roses caught my eye.

We love this card because it goes along with valentine's day very well. The colors are related to it and go well with each other. Its a very creative card because of the bee, frame, and ladybug are incorporated with the design.

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