Internet Safety Rules

BE Safe Online

Top 10 Safety Rules and Tips

  1. Don’t post any personal information online – like your address, email address or mobile number.
  2. Never give out personal information online
  3. Never meet in person with anyone you first “met” on the internet. If someone asks to meet you, tell your parents or guardian right away. Some people may not be who they say they are.
  4. Check with your parents before you post pictures of yourself or others online. Do not post inappropriate pictures of anyone.
  5. Delete any unwanted messages. Never respond to rude and mean e-mails or text messages.
  6. Don’t befriend people you don’t know.
  7. If you wouldn’t say something to someone in person don’t post it, or say it online.
  8. Don’t download something on your computer or cell phone without permission of parent or guardian.
  9. Use safety settings on social networking sites.
  10. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable tell and adult right away.

These websites are great for kids and teens. These websites are good for kids and teens because some websites try to trick you into giving out personal information. To make sure you are safe when you give out your personal information that it says https://. If it does not say https:// DO NOT give out personal information to sites without https:// on the web address. If you meet someone online that you don’t know do not agree to meet with them online, unless you know for sure that that person is who you think they are. If you are being bullied let an adult know as soon as possible, because if you let it happen over a long period of time it can ruin your life. Last but not least if you are being threatened tell an adult IMMEDIATELY, because if you do they can be put in jail for a long time. Just be aware whatever you do online can ALWAYS be tracked back to YOU!

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