Southern Colonies

By Alyssa Krutsinger

Southern Colonies, more time, more freedom, more fun.

The Southern Colonies consist of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.

Climate and Agriculture

The climate in the Southern Colonies is the warmest of the English colonies making these states the ideal place to live. You don't have to worry much about surviving the cold winter. The climate is warm and moist making for a long growing season.

The southern colonies were an ideal place for agriculture. The tidewater left minerals on the tideland, which made the soil fertile. The land is flat and the soil is rich. The agriculture is perfect for growing cash crops. Tobacco and rice are the two most important cash crops.


Every state in the southern colonies had different ways to earn money. Maryland is known for ship building and iron works which is good for importing goods across the ocean. Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia are known for plantation agriculture (tobacco, wheat, corn, indigo) and this is one of the main attractions for farmers wanting to move to a prosperous colony.  

If that wasn't enough to convince you to move to the southern colonies then let me tell you a little more. Not only do they have a prosperous industry and successful agriculture, but moving here will give you the feeling of freedom. Come and live in the southern colonies, where the weather is nice but the people are nicer.

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