La Paz

Bolivia's capital

This is La Paz. I went to La Paz only one time with my mom. I only stay three days. We went to the biggest places in La Paz. We also went to the cine center.

This is Hotel Calacoto. This is a great hotel. It has a dinner room or like a restaurant inside well a little one. From inside it has 3 floors. My mom and i stayed in the third floor. In the bedroom it has a nice bathroom. It also has two nice bed. For me that is the best hotels. The hotel has a website and it is

This is La Paz's typical food Saltnas, Hamburger street, and Silpancho.

This is one of the greatest places in La Paz. This is Mega center. A tourist will come to this place. My mom and I went to the mega center. Inside it is super giant. There is a cine center restaurants inside the Mega Center. There also is a bowling station.

This is La Paz temperature most of the time it is cold and rainy. Every day it was rainy and it was cold that was cool i like it.

This are tow of la paz news paper. El Diario and La Razon. The website for the newspaper it is

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