Water Bowl

Lilly Elizabeth Hawn 
(aka Champion of My Heart)


  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Location: Colorado Rocky Mtns
  • Age: Almost 9
  • Favorite Treat: Cheese
  • Favorite Toy: Ball
  • Favorite Game: Fetch

We adopted Lilly in October 2004 from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. She is the canine heroine of award-winning dog blog Champion of My Heart.

Lilly has survived parvovirus, pneumonia, 2 separate rattlesnake bites to the face, paintball poisoning, a terrible spider bite and more.

Lately, she is famous for suffering a severe adverse rabies vaccine reaction in 2012 (massive brain and spinal cord inflammation). We remain in an ongoing battle for her life.

Lilly has her own:
* Twitter account (@champofmyheart)
* Facebook Page (facebook.com/championofmyheart)
* YouTube Channel (youtube.com/user/championofmyheart)

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