Post these 10 things on your campus Tackkboard.


1. Where to get FREE FOOD

Best way to get people to your event: free food. Second best? Telling them about the free food. Tag your campus event Tackk with "free food." Soon you'll grow probably the best student resource ever — when and where to get free pizza on campus.

2. Department and organization events

Start your event promotion with a Tackk. Add it to your campus board, share it across your networks and invite everyone else to spread the word too!

3. Student organization web pages

Your student organization needs more than a Facebook page, but probably not a whole website. Create an organized, great-looking one-pager that's easy to update by anyone (even after you graduate!), even easier to share. Start yours now.

4. Classifieds

From couches for sale and apartments for rent to part-time jobs and babysitting gigs, your Tackkboard works awesomely as a classifieds board. Tackk classifieds.

5. Student government news + events

Election time? Candidate Tackks. Campus issue to raise? Op-ed Tackks. Happenings to promote? Event Tackks. (Don't forget to note when there's free food at stake!)

6. Fundraisers

Launch your dance-a-thon with a fundraiser Tackk. You can share event details and even add a PayPal donation button for people to give right away!

7. Volunteers wanted

Volunteers are essential to campus life. Make it easy for them to find opportunities to pitch in by putting everything in one place. Tackk for volunteers now.

8. Dormlife hacks

Hey residence-hall MacGyver! we could all use tips and tricks for college life. Share dorm-room decor DIYs, recipes, public transit advice and other dormlife hacks now.

9. Intramurals

Need infielders for your kickball team? Want to fill the bleachers at soccer championships? Recruit, recruit, recruit with an intramurals Tackk.

10. Residence hall announcements

Your in-house bulletin board will always be a hub. But now residents can see your flyers here, there and everywhere. In fact, you can create a board for your hall and invite residents to post to it too. (Just in time for the R.A. of the Year Award!)