My design is Medusa Gorgon. She plays a villain in an anime called Soul Eater and was created from the greek mythology monster, Medusa. The Circles represent her face and mouth. The rose petals each represent a snake and the Lemniscates are her eyes. I choose these features since her eyes and snakes are the characteristics most closely associated with her. ( I apologize the picture came out flipped and I don't know how to unflip it)

Final Phase;

     This project allowed the class to individually, in my case, experiment mathematically by combining graphs and expressing creativity. I was able to choose three out of four graphs of which I choose; Rose, circle and Lemniscate. Then, by using examples from previous questions done in class, playing around with the numbers and using the desmos website, I was able to come up with equations. Overall it gave me a chance to explore the possibilities.

    I learned from this experiment that polar graphs can be utilized in order to perform a certain design. From this I was able to grasp the infinite possibilities and how it must be of great use in real life application. I experienced the frustration and effort put into a simple design which gave me appreciation for anyone accomplishing something larger. All in all, it made me realize how little I truly know about these polar graphs.

   I admit to enjoying this assignment. However, I regret not being able to work on it longer. I truly believe that if I had asked for the extra help I would have been able to finish the equations accurately. The confidence I had in my abilities to complete this project perfectly was shattered when I experienced trouble translating the equations on Desmos and finally realizing I had made mistakes. Moreover, besides some misunderstandings on uploading and the creation of the equations the assignment was still worth doing.

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