Book Study: Worksheet's Don't Grow Dendrites

Join our online book study for 6 PD hours!!!

Who: Raymond Staff

What:  Book study of the Worksheet's Don't Grow Dendrites. (pick one of the books from the collection to read)

When:  Six weeks starting March 2nd and ending April 10th

Where:  +Google Community for Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites Book Study

Why: Experts say that when students engage in learning, comprehension and retention is more likely to occur.  So, let's learn and discuss hands-on techniques to help teach in a relevant, motivating and engaging way!


1. Join the +Google  community for Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites and RSVP below.

2. Buy one of the books Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites  in the links below.  You can buy any version and complete the book study. (If you do not want to pay shipping I can order them through Amazon Prime.Just come see me before 2/26/15)

3. Starting the week of March 3rd read the chapters that are assigned each week.

4. On the +Google community page write two post weekly.

  • Post 1: Refection examples of how you currently or in the past used the strategies.  (pictures, videos, explanation ect.)
  • Post 2: Planning Ideas on how you could incorporate the strategies in the future (pinterest ideas, teaching tools, games etc)

5. Complete all 6 Weeks and you will receive 6 PD hours!

*** We will not have the book study the week of spring break***

Book Links

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