11 Ways To Tell If You’re Sending Your Crush Mixed Signals

1. You're trying to play it cool

Affected coolness usually ends up being...not very cool. Skip it! Being genuine is always more important. For example, don't ignore their Instagram follow request and DO smile at them when they say hi to you in the hallway.

2. You wait a long time to respond to texts

This is usually either a byproduct with attempting to "play it cool," or being the kind of person who opens a text, thinks "hmm, cool," closes the phone, and forgets that the text ever existed in the first place. So: If you're waiting too long on purpose, don't. Just respond when you get a text. If you're forgetful, like me, my advice is to not open any texts until you're committed to responding.

3. Sarcasm is your native tongue

I've totally, totally been there. For this, I simply say to let your crush know that you are a very sarcastic person, but let them know when you are being serious.

4. Your Preferred Style Of Flirting Is Staring Intently At Your Crush And Hoping They Get It

5. Your body language is not inviting

Yeah. I've been there, and this isn't gonna work. Say "hey" sometime, it works miracles.

6. You got the ol' shifty eyes

Look down. Are your lips pouted, shoulders hunched, arms crossed? I ask only because this is a position that I often find myself in (it's comfortable, what can I say?). Unfortunately for me and all Slouchers Anonymous, this basically says to the world, "I am not interested." So throw your shoulders back every now and then! Your chiropractor will thank you.

Eye contact is just the worst! I hate it and, if possible, I would never look anyone in the eyes ever. Unfortunately, this is a vital part of creating "human connections," so it's a good idea to gaze coquettishly into your crush's eyes every now and then so they know you are interested.

7. You are trying to see who can care the least

This, my friend, is a slippery, slippery slope. Affected ambivalence never really works as well as one might hope, because trying to not care generally sends the message that, hey, you don't actually care. You know what is effective? Enthusiasm! It's new and refreshing in this age of irony.

8. You only hang out with your crush in groups

I get it-- you only have so much time, so why not spend it hanging out with everyone that you like? The only problem is that your crush might not be able to figure out the distinction. Try to mix it up and hang out one-on-one a few times.

9. Your preferred method of flirting is a little second grade

10. You don't talk to them at school

That is, you tease them relentlessly as a signal that you're interested. Sometimes this works, but more often than not, your crush will just think you hate them a little. This is an easy fix, though, and there's no need to completely change your cutting remarks. Just make sure to throw in a few compliments in with your delightfully acerbic commentary!

Maybe you wear blinders when you're at school! I don't know. But, it's important to show them that you are interested when you see them in the hallway. Say hi between classes, see if you can study together for US History, hang out by their locker for the entire day. Whatever. I don't know your life!

11. You like to remind them that you're wanted

Whether this means talking about your ex, flirting with other people, or texting and/or sexting in front of them, this isn't cool. They'll most likely think you actually like the other people you're using to make them jealous, and then what is even the point?