Writing - 6 Traits

Taught to you by Kassidy Green

What is Idea?

Idea is the message or theme. Idea is focused and detail specific. Idea shows and tells.

This picture represents the idea getting the story along

Organization? HUh?

Organization is structure. Such as compare and contrast, time sequence, persuasive essay, ect. Organization engages the reader with your opening and conclusion.

This picture shows that Organization builds the story and how it is structured

Voice? As in talking?

No, voice is not the one you use to speak. Voice is the audience you are writing to and the way you show individual emotions. It is the writer's attitude towards a certain subject. You wouldn't talk about school the same as you talk about a fun activity you do, would you? That is the voice.

Metaphorically speaking its the writer's fingerprints on a page.

Word Choice? What's That?!

Word Choice is the precise, descriptive language that is used to communicate, move, and enlighten your reader. Word choice creates an image to say the most. Word choice expands and clarifies ideas further than you already have. Saying you were sad isn't a lot, but saying you were depressed, well that puts a better picture in your mind.

Imagine a painter painting an image.

Sentence fluency? Wha?

Sentence fluency is rhythm and flow of the language. Sentences are varied in length and have creative phrasing. Sentences are worded to make reading feel natural, like the flow of a river.

The words are flowing in the shape of a river.(Hint : Figurative language here)

Conventions? As in convention center?

No, conventions in writing. Conventions are the mechanics of writing. Conventions are the basics. Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and paragraphing are parts of conventions.

Conventions = the rules of writing!

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