School Children Are Mostly Victimized

First of all cyber bullying has bad effects on the society. Several definitions are proposed. Cyber bullying is generally considered to be bullying using technology such as the Internet and mobile phones . Cyber bullying has emerged as a new form of bullying that causes depression, enchances aggressive behaviour, and drop-out from school. Cyber bullying causes emotional disturbance and distractions from daily activities in school children and adults. According to H.Cowie(2011)"The upsurge of cyber bullying is a frequent cause of emotional disturbance in children and young people. The situation is complicated by the fact that these interpersonal safety issues are actually generated by the peer group and in contexts that are difficult for adults to control(para1)". In addition, research on bullying in school and cyberspace: consistently identifies the consequences of bullying for the emotional health of children and young people. Victims experience lack of acceptance in their peer groups, which results in loneliness and social isolation. Overall, cyber-victimisation emerged as an additional risk factor for depressive symptoms in adolescents involved in bullying.

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