Medical Marijuana

"Many familys with critically ill kids demanding they legalize it"

    Medical Marijuana should be legalized and should stop being considered "bad" because it has helped people with certain conditions that people with out enough research on the drug know about.

    There are many cases were Medical Marijuana has helped many people. This drug that people call as "bad" and just a "getaway drug" has done miracles to cancer patience, epilepsy patience, and patience with depression. There are much more and who knows there are probably more to find that this drug can help. For example there has been patience with epilepsy or patience that get seizures with there illness and have taken cannabis. These patience have had some shocking results that even shocked doctors; As said... "The first modern study of the medicinal use of cannabis was conducted in 1949. The results of that study suggested that cannabis may be useful in dealing with seizures. Not surprisingly, I have a number of patients today, who get a great deal of relief from seizures by using cannabis."

     Reasons why people are so against "cannabis" or "medical marijuanna" is because it is ilegal and cause of the rumors that people with not enough information and research say. If medical marijuanna was legalized everywere pharmacys would be losing lots of money. So this is also a reason shy it has been illegal. If this drug was so harmful like they say. Why would doctors be subscribing it to there patience in other cities, and why would it be legalized some places and why would there be cases of cannabis actually helping? Doctors have said, " Neither the continuing intermittent marijuanna smokers exhibited any significantly diffrent rates in decline [lung function]." This shows that the rumors of marijuana having nicotine twice as much as cigarets and it damaging your lungs fast is false. How can a herbal substance damage?

     If canniabise was so harmful why are kids and adults with Cancer, Epilepsy, and Depression e.t.c, Being helped by it? Would you rather your family member with critical illness smoking a cigarett to relieve the stress or smoking cannabis that will not only relieve there stress but even help cure them? If society would do enough reserch and read between the lines instead of looking at the first words they would see the miracles it has done. Stop judging Medical Marijuana, and do some reserch. Getting it legalize in other cities or EVERYWERE can help so many people with critical illnesses that "pills" and such are doing nothing to help. Remember it is not just a getaway drug for some people. It is a drug to getaway from life threating illnesses.