Granny Torrelli Makes Soup

A Report by Charlotte Grace Foxx

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Plot Development: Man vs Man

Protagonist 1: Granny Torrelli                                   Antagonist 1: Bailey

Protagonist 2: Granny Torrelli                                  Antagonist 2: Janine

Characters: Rose, Granny Torrelli, Bailey, Janine, Pardo, Violetta, Marco

Main Character: Rosie

  • Stubborn
  • Kind
  • Smart
  • Brave

Setting: A normal neighborhood in present day

  • Aromatic
  • Pleasant
  • Calm
  • Cooking

Recommendations: I would recommend this book to 4th and 5th graders who enjoy a sweet, short story about growing up.

Something I Noticed About the Writing:

The book was separated into two parts.  The second part was a sequel to the first part of the book.  Both parts of the book are written in first person from Rosie's perspective.

Something I Noticed About the Illustrations:

There was an illustration before each part of the book.  The first illustration shows Rosie sitting in a chair with Granny Torrelli. Rosie seems sad and is looking for comfort from her grandmother.  The second illustration shows Rosie standing in a chair, holding a spoon in the air looking angry.

This Book Reminds Me Of:

Like Granny Torrelli, my grandmother makes me pasta.

My Connection:

I remember feeling sad when my friend and I were no longer in the same class.  We each made new friends and realized that we didn't need each other as much, just like Bailey didn't need Rosie as much when he went to a different school.


Part 1: Soup

Rosie's best friend Bailey has been her best friend all of her life.  He is blind, and has to read Braille. One day, Rosie learns Braille, and wants to show Bailey. All he says is, "Think you're so smart? Well, get over yourself!" Bailey slams the door on her when she leaves. Rosie has a long talk with Granny Torrelli at home, while making soup.  As they talk, Rosie tells of many stories in her relationship with Bailey.  Granny says to Rosie that she should speak to him.  Then, she tells of her best friend Pardo in Italy.  When she was about to leave for the US, Pardo wanted her to stay.  Granny Torrelli wanted him to come with her, but they were both angry and separated instead.  But one day, before Granny Torrelli could write to Pardo, he was run over by a train at age 16.  He was never seen again.  Because of that story, Rosie decides to go to Bailey's house.  He gives her a piece of Braille paper that says I'm sorry.  Then, they enjoy the great soup that Granny Torrelli made as friends again!

Part 2: Pasta

Bailey and Rosie are making pasta with Granny Torrelli, when Rosie tells them about earlier that day.  A girl named Janine had just moved in.  She meets Rosie and suddenly wants to be her best friend.  After talking, Janine comes over and meets Bailey.  The two of them want to be best friends, not paying any attention to Rosie.  She gets angry and jealous.  Janine leaves and Granny Torrelli tells a similar story of when she was a kid as they continue to make pasta.  A new girl named Violetta moved in and Pardo wanted to be friends with her.  Granny Torrelli was angry and jealous of Violetta and Pardo.  Then, one day, another new guy named Marco moved in.  He fell in love with Granny Torrelli until he noticed Violetta.  Marco and Violetta become friends, and Pardo and Granny Torrelli are together again.  After her story ends, a moving truck pulls into the neighborhood.  Two new guys and a girl move in.  The new neighbors come to a big pasta party at Rosie's house.  Janine becomes friends with the other neighbors.  Bailey and Rosie are together again!