Helping out friends during hard times.

The Lesson I have Learned From living in Kabul is to help friends and family so that everyone can be happy and successful.

This picture shows that I have my friends backs. They can count on me. When Fatana was depressed because her husband was taken, I was the one that helped her get back on her feet.

This picture represents that I worked with my friends. Throughout all the phases and troubles Fatana, her family and I have gone through, we made a magazine about it. Fatana and I worked together to make it.

In this picture, it looks like a friend is in need of help. Homa was found by Parvana and had no home. I helped her get washed up. I gave her some food. And I made her feel a little bit safer then before.

Overall, I have Learned that if I see a friend  or a person in need of help, I should be willing to help them and I did because of my experiences living in Kabul.

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