Marco Polo In China – An Expedition That Changed The Course Of History

One of the biggest names in adventure travel in the ancient times, Marco Polo managed to be the inspiration of many explorers and travellers after his time. It is a well known fact that is book was one of the articles carries by Christopher Columbus himself when he had set out on a voyage to find the better sea route to Asia for trade and travel. No name has been able to gain the level of notoriety and respect as that of Polo.

A big part of his travels took place in China where he had spend many years exploring the land and culture of the place. As far back as 1260, when Marco Polo was a boy of six, he would hear stories from his father and uncle, Nicolo and Maffeo who were successful traders of their time. The duo used to make journeys all across the world, especially to Asia, for trade and acquisition expeditions. They had received an invitation from the great emperor Kublai Khan to visit his palace in China and exchange information about their respective cultures. These stories inspired the will to travel and experience adventure in little Marco Polo who was all excited to go embark on the journey himself.

Young Marco could not have been more excited about the chance to travel to the far off lands of China when his father and uncle made the suggestion to him. This marked the beginning of a life’s worth of adventures and journeys that would later become an inspiring story that he would narrate in his book – The travels of Marco Polo. The journey took him through unknown territory and a terrain so tough that most of his convoy decided to give up on the expedition and turn back. But the zeal for adventure inside the heart of young Marco kept him going. It is said that he, in fact, revelled in these challenges that came their way as the troupe made its way through the lands of Europe, Middle East and Asia to reach the Emperor’s palace in China.

The emperor Kublai Khan was a powerful man who was quite interested in learning about different cultures and religions. He had also never encountered white men from the west before which is why he was very keen to learn more about their ways of life. It is said that his army dealt with foreign powers with little problem, but the people of China were restive under the rule of a Mongol. But the emperor felt that they needed a religion that would calm them and allow him to rule in peace. With these intentions in mind, he welcomed Marco Polo in China along with his father and uncle and allowed them to stay for many years. Marco, in fact, came quite close to the kind and was routinely entrusted with strategic missions on behalf of the kingdom.

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