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This is the map of Mesopotamia. It does look like that they do have neighbors right. You can see that, because Mari is actually right acrossed the river, so basically it'll be easy for Mari to attack. The 4 seas that are on this map are the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, The Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. I think the biggest sea is probably the Mediterranean Sea. The  Zarios Mountains are to the east of the map. The other mountains that are to the south of the map are the  

The Fertile Crescent

The Fertile Crescent was actually in the Middle East from Mesopotamia to Egypt. Formerly, the Fertile is now desert; it was the cradle of civilization. Farming and domestication of animals began.

The Ziggurat

This is what the Ziggurat looks like. It kind of reminds me of a pyramid a little, because it looks like it's in a triangle shape if you just look in the corners. Basically, they just used mud bricks so that way it can stay in one piece easily.

The Inside Of The Ziggurat

This is a picture of the inside of the Ziggurat. Is it just me, or is it that it looks smaller on the outside than the inside. I think I'm gonna do one more picture of the inside.

The Inside

Heres another picture. Now, if they actually stubbed their toe on the stone, that would hurt! Plus, if they would walk barefoot, and the sun would be steaming on the stone, their feet would be hot.

This here is the Mesopotamia video. If you want, you can watch it. Though, it has some interesting facts about Mesopotamia, like how it scatters around to show you all the buildings. It also tells you the facts at the bottom.


This here is how the Mesopotamians wrote. Man, that definitely doesn't look like our writing today. Wow, that is impressive!

The School

Now, this is what their school looked like. I can't believe boys could only go to school. No fair, because they probably thought that girls were smarter than boys. Not funny, because if a child would do something wrong, they would get a beating.

Here is a video about the who lived in Mesopotamia first, and that was the Sumerians.

The Wheel

This here is one of the inventions that the Mesopotamians created. It's called the wheel. They created it so that way, they could have it for the Chariots. Also, these are the wheels of their Chariots when they go out to war.

The Chariot

This picture is the Chariot. Now, I don't really want to run into those horses. Or else, I would be ran over.

The Sailboat

Wow, that sailboat is huge! I definitely they have enough room to rest in. It probably did take people a long time to build it. Even though, it doesn't look like there is ores though.


Their Iron Sword

Welcome to the Armory. With Iron, they made this sword. Man, I don't really want to get close to a Mesopotamian that has a sword like that. I don't even wanna fight them either. Let's get out of here before my head gets chopped off.


This is what the Mesopotamians armor looks like whenever they go out to war. Man, they really put some design into it instead of protection huh. It also looks like it has spikes on the elbows. Imagine that, you would probably sweating under that metal.


Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. That wheat sure does look good. Wait a sec. I should show you around instead of trying to eat that wheat. Well let's go on. For farming, one person would tell them how far they should plant seeds so that way there can be enough food for everyone, and the gods too. Another farming fact is that they actually put water under the soil, so that way, the vegetables can grow easier.

Farming Tools

These are the tools that the Mesopotamians used for farming. It looks like that one of them look like  a ax right. Also, their blades are a lot different than the blades we have now.

Their Sheep

This is what their sheep looked like. Awwwwwwwwwww that's so cute. I just want to cuddle with them now. I wonder what the older sheep looked like?


Now here is one thing, whenever Mesopotamians would sell a animal, they would always paint that animal on a wall. They did that so they could keep track. They really drew that picture well.


This is what their god Hammurabi looked like. He looks scary! I don't want to be near that guy. Especially, when I slapped someone. Or else, I would have my hand chopped off because that's one of his rules. Not to hit someone.

One of Hammurabi's Code of Laws was to not hit anybody. Or else, if you do, you would have that hand chopped off.


That's amazing! From way back then. I wonder how they even did that? It probably took a lot of time. Wow! They also put a lot of design into it. I can tell it's old because I can see that it has like rust on it.

Wealthy People House #1

This is what the houses looked like. I wonder if this was one of the houses for the worthy people? Well let's take a look inside.

Wealthy Peoples House #2

Oh wow! Now I definitely know that this house is for the worthy people. That means rich by the way. Man, I want to live in there if I lived back then.

Poor Peoples House #1

Next, this is what the poor people's houses looked like. I sure feel bad for them. If I would be the leader, I would give everybody the same house. Let's take a look inside. You ready?

Poor Peoples House #2

That's no fair to them. Where are they going to sleep? At least the worthy people get a place to sleep. But the poor people, they don't. Again, that's no fair! Also, where are they going to get heat?


This is their clothing. That looks comfortable. Even though, sometimes it probably got caught on something because it's so long.


For irrigation, they actually put water under soil, because if they put the water outside, it would probably dry up. Also, so it could be easier for their plants to grow.

Epic of Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh was actually the one who found this place that had gems on plants. It was called the " Garden of Gems." But if you take one, it's bad luck. Gilgamesh got some gems, because he didn't know that it was bad luck. So then, he moves on in the "Garden of Gems." Next, this girl popped out, and the girl wanted to be Gilgamesh's mate, but he refused her. So as soon as Gilgamesh got back to his village, he knew it was his time to be put to death.

For their daily life, it was basically just based on what work they did. Also, the people they had were priest, slaves, worthy and poor people. Now the poor people had like things that they didn't want to use. Probably even you.

Here is a statue of "Queen of the Night." Shes also the mother of all the gods. Also, gods were really really scary. So if I lived back then, I would not want to be near any of those gods. Another god is the Bull-Man. He opened the gate for I think other gods.

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This is the City of Mesopotamia. Can't you see now that it is between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers?

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I wonder how hard it was, because they probably had to go out to work in the hot, steaming sun like every single day. Also, I totally forgot that they had ships to, but that was hard work to, because people had to row the ships with ores.

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