I am a ninth grade student who plays basketball and baseball.  I enjoy playing with my nieces and nephews whenever they come over on Sundays.  My life consists of work, play, eat, sleep, and repeat.  I have a nice schedule for organizing my time with all of these things.  I normally operate on anywhere from 6-7 hours of sleep on weeknights and 10 hours on the weekends.

Three Things About Me

Achievement Hunter

I am a big fan of Achievement Hunter and Rooster Teeth, the sister branch of Achievement Hunter.  Achievement Hunter plays video games for a living by recording videos of them and uploading the videos to YouTube and the Rooster Teeth website where companies pay to get their ad on their video and pay whenever people click on the ad.  I seek a job with Rooster Teeth or Achievement Hunter.

In my spare time, I like to complete complex jigsaw puzzles along with other stimulating brain activities.  Video games are on the list too but spending too much time on anything can have negative effects.  Spending time with my brother working on puzzles is a way to bond with him and increases both our brain power and working with others.

Lastly comes the game-play editing that I am starting to do with my next-gen PS4.  It seems counter intuitive to upload game-play so others can just watch it.  To myself and others who do so, uploading videos to a base of people who watch it is really important.  So, I spend maybe about a hour and 15 minutes on capturing my game-play and audio, to then spend a solid 45-90 minutes editing every couple days or so.

3 Goals for Myself

  • College:  One goal for myself is to make it to college and to graduate with a degree in either engineering, computing major, or psychology. I plan to get to college by attaining good grades in high to get a scholarship.
  • Career:  Another goal is to get an established career whether it'll be in one of the three degrees listed above.  Getting a career would require me to get a degree first, then apply and attend the interview.  I have gotten in contact with Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter to see what qualifications I would need in order to get hired in the future.
  • YouTube:  A third goal of mine is to start a successful YouTube channel.  Whether it has millions of subscribers or it be a only a few thousand I would want to upload videos on a consistent basis.  I am debating whether I should monetize my channel or not.  In my mind I would like to make money from my videos but at the same time I would like to stay true to the content I am uploading.  Achieving this will require a video capture device and editing software, which I have, along with a personal computer or laptop.

A Place I Would Like to Visit

A place I would like to visit is Ireland.  I would like to explore the entire country at one point in my life.  I want to visit because I am 60% Irish and I want to visit the place most of my ancestors came from.

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